Got an auction for charity coming up, and wondering what to tweet? Or maybe you just want to help a charity you love by getting the word out on Twitter?

Regardless of your motive, here are some ideas to model. I see great benefit auction-related tweets all the time on Twitter and pulled a few to get your juices flowing. (As a side, does this count as a RT (retweet)? I’m not sure what a tweet-to-blog communication is called.)

1. You can tweet about donations received.

juliawun @mollyalgray I wrote a grant to unique silent auction ideas Disney, asking for free tix as a fundraising effort and we got 4 to auction off at lunatique!

TPAMagazine Charity auction: Be the first to ride Intimidator at Carowinds. Starting bid: $50 @latimesfunland

2. You can tweet about donations received, while emphasizing the donor. This tweet does a nice job of announcing the donor while simultaneously promoting her business and thanking her.

LoveYourPetExpo Barbara Williams has donated a hand-drawn portrait for our charity auction. Thank you, Barbara.

3. Give a shout-out to acknowledge your sponsors.

turquoisefish Excited to have @pizzafusionwell on board as sponsor for our therapeutic riding benefit auction, dinner & dance:

4. Tweet to seek volunteers. MoState_Habitat is in need of 4 more volunteers for a fundraiser on campus THIS Saturday, starting at noon! Help us build hope by…

5. Or tweet to tell the trials and tribulations of how to manage incoming donations. This Rotary Club is writing a clever story about their experiences. I can’t wait to read the next installment!

jasondcrane The adventure begins! Two guys, 400+ pounds, one tandem bike, a @Rotary fundraiser… hilarity ensues.

6. Here’s a smart way to advertise the charity you support, while also advertising your business and/or hobby-for-hire.

keith_dotson New Blog Post: Help me decide which photograph I should donate to a charity auction

oneredapple Prepping for my next project- a child’s chair to donate to the Center for Grieving Children’s fundraising auction on Feb. 5!

7. You can tweet any changes in dates or meeting times.

clairbourn Hey Clairbourn Community, The date for Clairbourn’s Spring Benefit & Auction, “An Evening In Shanghai,” has been..FreedomHouse1 After 5 Benefit Auction Committee meeting moved to Tuesday at 5 p.m. Anyone interested, call (815) 872-0087.

8. You can solicit for donations. Even from celebrities.

SpursGyal @PerezHilton Would you consider donating something signed to the @ACTforSMA Charity auction to help terminally ill babies? Thanks

paula6thlevel RT @TheIITT: Looking for donations for the IITT Charity Auction for ChildLine at the IT Training Awards. Thanks!

9. Tweet for help in scouting a location for your benefit auction

eith2miller I am looking for a space in downtown to host a benefit auction for Haiti. Anyone know any places that might work? 3-5 days…

10. Tweet to say “thank you” when the benefit has concluded. lunanola The dance benefit/auction was a great success – belly-dancing, burlesque, salsa & African dance performances w/ beautiful costumes!