If you are worried because your lack of contacts is posing a hindrance to your fundraising programs, it is time you gave Cheerleading Fundraising Ideas a thought. The ideas for church fundraisers cheerleaders can become the face of your school since they are vibrant, confident, and can provide you with the right contacts. Now, it entirely depends upon your management skills as to how far you can utilize these powerhouses of talent. The following fundraising ideas will give you an idea about how to be different and profitable at the same time:

Sports Posters And Calendars Can Generate Excitement

Have you thought of turning your school sports team into a brand? Well, you can do so by designing custom poster with your players featured on it. Use a group photo of the soccer team, capturing them in some moment of action. To bring a larger than life effect to this poster, enlarge it to at least a wall size. You can also use separate snaps of your sports heroes to glam up the pages of a fundraising calendar.

Make this poster or calendar attractive by using glossy sheets and bright color tones to define the features. Use a sharply contrasting color to paint the slogan against it. You can also enlist the game schedule within it to give the fans an impression of your team spirit at a glance. Make a separate poster mentioning in eye-catching fonts the past championship records of your football team. Remember that the chief contributors to your fundraising programs will want to check out the previously won trophies and titles of your team.

At the same time, what is more thrilling in sports than a competitive spirit” Throw the challenge to your rival team by making your poster declare the winner”s status of your team. Create yet another poster that will display your team spirit and all the supporting sports teams. Remember this: the greater the fan base, the more successful the Cheerleading Fundraisers. You will achieve an overwhelming response even if you put up the life-size pictures of your cheerleaders on the poster.

The next thing is to choose the appropriate spot to put up these posters. Ask your local businesspersons to lend their front window for display purpose. Make several copies so that you can maintain a free supply of posters to the players and their parents even after you have sold them. You can use the school store, pep rallies, and sporting events to sell the posters, as these spots will attract the maximum buyers.

Holiday Music Fundraising Idea

Cater to the music loving spirit of your friends by selling to them CDs containing favorite holiday song collections. Pack these in separate boxes of twenty or thirty so that your potential customers get a choice to pick up their favorite batch. You can include all time favorites like “Jingle Bells”, “Let It Snow”, “White Christmas” etc. in personalized CDs.

How About Flowering Plants

You can think of giving a unique “living” gift like Tillandsias, more popularly known as an “Airplant”. The characteristics of this American plant is that it can grow anywhere, detached from the soil and can thrive by soaking water and nutrients through its leaves. These plants bloom when they reach their maturity and subsequently new saplings grow from them.

Your Cheerleading Fundraising group can buy the Airplants and sell them door-to-door or at a game. Use this idea on the eve of a special event, where you use a table decorated with lively Airplants. Put up a colorful poster at your school displaying a full-bloomed Airplant. Accompany each Airplant with a sales brochure elaborating on how to maintain these plants.