If you have freshly bought District one villas for sale in Dubai or any other proprietary here, chances are that you are determined to stay here for a while. However, if you are a tourist who has come here for a short visit, it must be saddening to know how little time you have to relish this city of boundless opportunities.

Fortunately, with a bit of smartness, you can make enjoy your short trip even if all you have are just two days. In this blog, we have compiled for you some suggestions that can help you get the best of best of Dubai. Since the idea of enjoyment for most people is seeing, doing, and eating, we have classified this blog into 3 sections i.e. what to see, what to do, and what to eat or consume in Dubai.

So read on and be inspired!

  1. What to see in Dubai?

Being one of the biggest metropolitical cities, Dubai covers an extensive area, that is loaded with numerous roads. The main highway in Dubai has sprawled over 60 km and acts no different than the main artery!

If your time in Dubai is limited, we highly recommend you to hit the highway as it would help you decide which parts of the city should be prioritized and which must not be.

Since it is no fun to sit in a car and watch the city move, you should prefer public transport. Fortunately, Dubai is known to offer the best sightseeing opportunities, therefore you would find incredible bus companies that have a wide network in Dubai, so there is hardly any risk of you missing anything. Bus stops would not just prove to be far more economical, but they would also provide you the best value for your hard-earned money.


If you are in Dubai for a couple of days, you can spend it by wandering around the city,  enjoying a boat trip, and having an exotic night tour. Doing so would enable you to learn and make lots of memories in the most limited time

Whatever place you are choosing to sightsee, make sure Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall are included in your list. They are the world’s tallest building and the world’s biggest mall respectively. Other than their expanse, they offer you everything you might require to have a splendid time.

In between Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa lies a magical thing called dancing fountains. These cute little fountains make a sight to behold, therefore you cannot skip it either.  In the same place you would find the largest musical water fountain, so make sure you give it a visit as well.

If you are an old school who is inherently drawn to places that are a bit traditional, you ought to head to the old classical town area in Dubai i.e. Deira. Here, you would find many traditional wooden boats, offering a panorama of the Arabian sea.

It is almost a sin to come to Dubai and not see the Dubai Museum, this fantastic spot explains the history of Dubai in the most exhilarating manner. Here, you would learn about the past of this futuristic city and lots of other facts that people are generally unfamiliar with.

  1. What to do in Dubai?

In addition, to the wonderful sights, Dubai also offers several fun places to take part in outdoor activities.

If you have a penchant to perform thrilling activities, head to Aquaventure located at Atlantis. Besides being having super captivating interiors, this place allows you to literally swim with sea lions and dolphins. For people who can be a bit too adventurous, there are sharks you can swim with.


  1. What to eat and drink in Dubai?

Although one can have good quality food of every kind in Dubai, you should try the Arabic food here. Here you can start with having a cold and hot mezze selection, which includes mouttabel, meat kibbeh, Spinach fatayer, and hummus. All of these scrumptious choice food selection is accompanied by flatbread and delicious dripping.

Other than all the aforementioned sights to visit, fun things to do, and toothsome food to devour, there are many enjoyable things in Dubai. Therefore, you should make a prudent decision and get one of the Arabian Ranches villas for sale in Dubai.